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Reddy Anna “Sohail Tanvir’s decision to play in US T20 league raises conflict of interest questions

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Sohail Tanvir, the national junior chief selector of Pakistan, has come under scrutiny for his decision to play in an ongoing T20 league in the United States. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has faced criticism for allowing Tanvir to play in the league, with many questioning the conflict of interest that arises from his dual roles.

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Tanvir’s decision to take the field for Premium Pak in the unrecognised APL shortly after announcing Pakistan U19’s squad for the World Cup has raised questions about the PCB’s commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest.

The PCB has defended its decision, stating that Tanvir had received permission to play in the league at the time of his appointment as the national junior selector. However, critics argue that the PCB should have taken a more proactive approach to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

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The controversy surrounding Tanvir’s decision to play in the league highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in cricket administration. It is essential that cricket boards take a proactive approach to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that the sport remains free from corruption and malpractice.

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