reddy-anna ILT20 2024: Match 30, SJH vs VIP Match Prediction | Reddy Anna Book

ILT20 2024: Match 30, SJH vs VIP Match Prediction | Reddy Anna Book

The 30th game from ILT20 2024 will see the clash against Sharjah Warriors and Desert Vipers on the 11th of February, Sunday in Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the UAE | Reddy Anna Book.

Sharjah Warriors vs Desert Vipers

Sharjah Warriors (SJH) will be hoping to improve on their recent win against Abu Dhabi Knight Riders after losing three times in succession. In the meantime, Desert Vipers (VIP) are looking to rebound after their two losses to MI Emirates and Dubai Capitals.

ILT20 2024: Match 30, SJH vs VIP Match Prediction | Reddy Anna Book

ILT20 2024 – Pitch Analysis:

Sharjah Cricket Stadium is known for its high-scoring matches because of its small boundaries. With an average first-innings score of 143, teams that win the toss may decide to bat first to set a high-risk goal.

The Key Players to Watch

Alex Hales stands out as the top performance player of Sharjah Warriors, ranking fourth overall among the tournament’s top scorers of runs with 261 runs at an average 29.00. His latest performance with 66 run against the Dubai Capitals demonstrated his batsmanship prowess.

In the case of Sharjah Warriors, Daniel Sams is a key player thanks to his left-arm fast-medium batting. With 12 wickets across nine games and the rate of 20.75, he is the threat against Desert Vipers’ batting lineup.


This prediction given is basing on the author’s analysis and knowledge. It is advised to think about different factors prior to making a prediction of your own.

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